Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards

Applications are now open for the following bursaries, scholarships and awards. The deadline for bursary and scholarship applications is March 15, 2020. Nominations for the Occupational Health and Safety award and Steward of the Year are also due by March 15, 2020. The CUPE Nova Scotia Mike McNeil Weeklong School Scholarship covers the cost of the registration fee for a single room for the purpose of attending the CUPE Atlantic Weeklong School. The deadline on this application is also March 15, 2020.

2020 CUPE NS Higgins Insurance Scholarship 2019

2020 CUPE NS Rocky Jones Bursary

2020 CUPE NS OH&S Award

2020 Steward Of The Year Award

2020 Mike McNeil CUPE Atlantic Weeklong Scholarship

2020 Barb Kowlaski Literacy Award