Q and A on COVID-19 for front line workers

On behalf of CUPE Nova Scotia we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our front line workers who continue every day to go to work and participate in protecting our community. Know that your Local, your Division and staff are working to represent your interests.

For those of you at home and facing uncertainty know that CUPE is representing you in all of the places your voice needs to be heard.

This global pandemic, new to our life time, is teaching many lessons to our society. One of them is the value of public service and public servants. We are a public sector union and have known how important all of you are to our province and our country since the beginning. It is our hope that society will know this and carry it forward.

Take care,

Nan McFadgen
CUPE NS President

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Dr. Brendan Carr of the Nova Scotia Health Authority expresses sincere thanks to staff and physicians who have been working aggressively to stop the spread of the coronavirus, in particular the cleaners, porters, and support staff behind the front lines, and employees who work in finance, materials management, housekeeping and administration, many of whom have been putting in 12-hour and longer days.

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