Make Schools Safer


Send a message to Premier Tim Houston and ask him to make schools safer, now.

Education support staff deserve to work in an environment where their health and safety is top priority. Join the call to provide properly fitted respirators (N-95 or higher) to workers in all school settings.

If other provinces can get them for education sector workers, why can’t Nova Scotia? We now have Canadian manufacturers making N-95 respirators.

Many staff come in close contact with children in the course of a day and need N-95s: teaching assistants, custodians, community outreach workers, maintenance, bus drivers, librarians, cafeteria workers, tradespersons, lunch ground supervisors, early childhood educators, secretaries, and many others.

Fabric and 3-ply masks are not enough. There are 4,600 education support staff in Nova Scotia and they should have N-95 (or higher) respirators. They have a right to be safe at work!

Your email will be sent to your MLA, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development Becky Druhan, and Premier Tim Houston.