It’s Time to Care

The Municipality of Pictou County must act to make sure that every resident at Valley View Villa is receiving quality care.

Did you know the Municipality of Pictou County owns – and is ultimately responsible for – the budget shortfall at Valley View Villa?

In 2017, it came to light that the Valley View Villa nursing home has a $1.5 million budget shortfall and we are concerned this has affected the quality of care that the 113 residents at Valley View Villa receive.

In order to bring the nursing home’s finances under control, management have made cuts and changes that include reducing the resident-to-staff ratio, scheduling less staff on weekends, not replacing staff who require time off, and laying off staff who provide vital services – such as continuing care assistants, kitchen staff, maintenance and environmental services.

Workers are concerned these changes will put an additional burden on staff and directly affect quality of care, such as the types of meals provided and limited cleaning – a significant change, especially during flu season!

Questions to ask your municipal warden and councillors:

  • How many hours of care do residents receive each day?
    Anything less than 2.45 hours of care per resident per day is unacceptable and cruel.
  • What did meals include before the budget cuts? What do meals include now?
  • With a large number of hours cut from the dietary department, how does the work to prepare and serve meals to 113 residents get done?
  • With a large number of hours cut from the maintenance and environmental departments, how can staff be expected to keep the nursing home safe and clean?
  • Since budget cuts took place, less staff work on Saturdays and Sundays than on weekdays. Why is the residents’ quality of care less important on weekends?

How to contact your municipal council  

Don Butler – District #1
843 Bailey’s Bk., Ardness RR 1
Merigomish, NS B0K 1G0
(902) 926-2589

Deborah Wadden – District #2
19 Sea Oats Dr., Kings Head
RR 1 Stn. Main
New Glasgow, NS B2H 5C4
(902) 752-1303

Darla MacKeil – District #3
12 Blaine MacKeil Rd., Caribou RR 1
Pictou, NS B0K 1H0
(902) 759-2792 

Ronald Baillie – District #4
568 River John Rd., Bigney PO Box 121
River John, NS B0K 1N0
(902) 351-2764

Wayne Murray – District #5
1587 Hardwood Hill Rd., Hardwood Hill RR 2
Scotsburn, NS B0K 1R0
(902) 485-9194

Robert Parker – District #6
507 Hwy. 376, Cent. West. Riv. RR 2
Pictou, NS B0K 1H0
(902) 925-2240

David Parker – District #7
3894WhiteHillRd., Whitehill RR 2
Hopewell, NS B0K 1C0
(902) 396-3481

Larry Turner – District #8
875Abercrombie GrantonRd, Abercrombie RR 3
New Glasgow, NS B2H 5C6
(902) 921-1227

Peter Boyles – District #9
32 Boyle’s Rd., Hillside
Box 6, Site 2, RR 2
Trenton, NS B0K 1X0
(902) 755-3938

Randy Palmer – District #10
20 Justin Rd., Greenwood PO Box 107
Thorburn, NS B0K 1W0
(902) 922-2277

Andy Thompson – District #11
38 Edward St., Plymouth PO Box 3339
Stellarton, NS B0K 1S0
(902) 695-2356

Chester Dewar – District #12
1618 Elgin Rd.
Elgin, NS B0K 1C0
(902) 923-2931

Robert Parker, Warden
Wayne Murray, Deputy Warden

Download a copy of the brochure It’s Time to Care.

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