CUPE Nova Scotia Constitution

CUPE Nova Scotia is organized for the purpose of voicing and promoting the interests, needs and aspirations of its Members, Unions, and to give the fullest opportunity for them to participate in the discussions of those problems, upon the solution of which depends the economics and social security of all public employees and their dependants, individually and collectively. Follow the link below to see our constitution.

Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards

2024 Awards Mailout Cover Letter

2024 Barb Kowalski Literacy Award

2024 Betty Jean Sutherland Sister of the Year Award

2024 CUPE NS Sean Foley Health and Safety Award

2024 CUPE NS Higgins Insurance Scholarship

2024 CUPE NS Rocky Jones Bursary

2024 Mike McNeil CUPE Atlantic Weeklong School Scholarship

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Guide

This guide is for CUPE members on Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOSH) Committees. This document will detail the tools available to you as a committee member and provide some suggestions on how those tools can best be used to effect positive change in your workplace, to improve the health and safety of all of our brothers and sisters in the workplace, and to ensure your employer is meeting their legal obligations. We want to prevent the terrible, catastrophic, events that can lead to serious injury or death. We also must not lose sight of the potential consequences of less immediate or severe conditions that can nonetheless compromise a worker’s quality of life.