2017 Provincial Election: What’s at stake for CUPE members?

Dear CUPE member,

I believe Stephen McNeil ‘s Liberal government is not listening to Nova Scotians.

Time and again, the choices made by the McNeil government have been out of touch with the needs of workers, their families and our communities.

The McNeil government deserves to be defeated. Just look at their track record.

A public health care system in crisis, budget cuts to nursing homes, threats to privatize home support services, tuition fee hikes, picking fights with unions, failing to create good jobs. . . the list goes on.

On Tuesday, May 30 you have the opportunity to vote for progressive NDP candidates who will stand up for working people and their families. A number of the NDP candidates are CUPE members, prepared to fight for you in our legislature.

Together we can do this.

Every vote counts!

Nan McFadgen
President , CUPE Nova Scotia

Download a printable copy of the election flyer and pass it out to CUPE members in your local!

The McNeil government’s attack on workers

  1. Bill 148, the Public Service Sustainability Act, freezes and limits wage increases, sets the term of collective agreements and puts an end to long service awards.
  2. Bill 37, the Essential Health and Community Services Act, limits job action rights of more than 40,000 workers in acute care, long term care, group homes, home support, child protect ion and other sectors.
  3. Bill 19, Trade Union Act amendments, made it harder for workers to exercise their right to unionize and secure a first collective agreement.
  4. Bill 75, the Teachers’ Professional Agreement and Classroom Improvement Act, imposed a collective agreement on teachers after they rejected the contract terms three times.
  5. Bill 100, the Universities Accountability and Sustainability Act, allows universities to override collective agreements during five-year “revitalization” periods.
  6. Bill 30, the Essential Home Support Services Act, directly interfered in the collective bargaining of home support workers.
  7. Bill 1, the Health Authorities Act, restructured the health care system, unnecessarily reduced the number of bargaining units, and at tempted to assign union representation rights.


Something to vote for

Gary Burrill and the NDP will repeal Bill 148, which forces a two-year wage freeze on public sector workers and ends the long service award, and Bill 100, which limits collective bargaining rights at Nova Scotia universities.

The NDP will reverse the cuts to nursing homes and put $8.3 million back into the province’s long term care facilities. An NDP government will phase in a $15 minimum wage to help lift 130,000 people out of poverty.

The NDP will repeal Bill 75, the legislation that imposed a contract on teachers, and reopen negotiations with their union.

Burrill pledged to continue the work of the previous NDP government and expand dental coverage to include all children under 18.

To make a fairer tax system and fund public services, an NDP government will increase the tax rate for individuals earning more than $250,000 by 3%, adding $82 million over 4 years to government revenues.


May 30 is Election Day!

It’s easy to vote in the Nova Scotia provincial election – on election day or before election day.

For information on how to vote, visit the website at electionsnovascotia.ca or phone 1-800-565-1504.

Got a couple hours to spare?

Support your local NDP candidate by volunteering. For more information or to make a donation, visit their website at nsndp.ca.

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Let’s elect a government that works for all of us!

Download a printable copy of the election flyer and pass it out to CUPE members in your local!