Solidarity with CUPE New Brunswick

CUPE Nova Scotia President, Nan McFadgen, has written the following Letter of Support, on behalf of the division.

March 18, 2019

To:    Sharon Teare President New Brunswick Council of Nursing Home Unions; Daniel Legere, President of CUPE New Brunswick

CUPE Nova Scotia stands in solidarity with CUPE New Brunswick Nursing Home workers and their fight for free and fair collective bargaining.

The Higgs government has promised a balanced budget in 2020, whose rights will be trampled to balance the budget, what will be the cost to our Seniors and those who care for them?

CUPE New Brunswick Nursing home workers have taken up the challenge to defend the right to strike, CUPE Nova Scotia joins CUPE National and CUPE Locals from across Canada in calling upon the Higgs government to restore the rights of workers by accepting the ruling of the Labour Board.

CUPE NS extends our thanks to the members of the New Brunswick Council of Nursing Home Unions and the members of CUPE New Brunswick who stand and fight for the rights of all workers.

In solidarity,

Nan McFadgen President CUPE NS