On today’s date a province wide state of emergency was declared by the government of Nova Scotia.

As we collectively navigate these challenging circumstances, CUPE members have continued to provide essential public services to Nova Scotians.  Please know that this work has not gone unnoticed.  I see you showing up to work every day and I thank you.  

Health and safety require that all front-line workers continue to provide Nova Scotians with essential services.  The health and safety of front-line workers requires support from all Nova Scotians.  This includes practicing social distancing and, if you have recently travelled or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, self isolation. 

For information regarding COVID-19  CUPE continues to encourage you to refer to the following online resources: 

In addition to taking steps to protect our physical health and the health of our communities, it is vital that we take care of our mental health during this period.  If you are experiencing mental health and/or addiction issues consider accessing the following supports:  

CUPENS staff, executive members, and stewards remain available to support you.  Please look after one another and when necessary reach out to CUPENS so we can look out for you.  

In socially distant solidarity,

Nan McFadgen

CUPENS President