There WILL BE no layoffs for full-time employees for the next 4 weeks. This plan will be re-assessed before April 25th, 2020. The plan may be tweaked as things change. This plan gives members some short term certainty. I hope that this eases members’ concerns and anxieties, especially about the financial impact these events will have on them.

There are changes coming. These changes will affect each business unit differently. Remember we provide valuable services to HRM and its residents. This will continue until it is unsafe to do so. Some of you will be sent home, others will be asked to report to work.

Some MFMO (Fleet and Facilities) will see small tweaks in how they will operate next week. These will be tweaks, many of your work days will not change. The work plan that is in place provides you a safe work environment. Until it is no longer safe you will continue on your current plan. Working in empty buildings is keeping you isolated and safe.

ROC and Parks will see changes in how they operate. Every member will be receiving a call from their supervisor, with directions about reporting to work. Due to your job and skills you will be asked to perform meaningful and valuable work during the days when you are asked to report to work. You may be told that you are not needed at this time. You will be told to stay home until you are needed. You will continue to get paid. If you do not show up for scheduled shifts because you are sick or whatever, you will have to take vacation/sick/toil etc. REMEMBER, IF YOU ARE SICK DO NOT COME TO WORK.

DO NOT CALL YOUR SUPERVISOR. They are calling everyone, they will call you. If you have questions send them a text or email. They need to complete these calls by Sunday so give them time.

Seasonals that had a Winter Works callback will still be laid off on April 3rd, 2020. I am not certain what will happen with your May 2020 callback. Senior management will be making a decision on the 2020 Seasonal Callback in the coming weeks. There are many options, the situation is fluid, so stay tuned. For those seasonals that were not called back I encourage you to contact Service Canada to discuss your options. As soon as decisions are made we will communicate them to you.

No one knows what will happen in 4 weeks but we have some security until April 25th, 2020. A new plan will be developed before April 25th, 2020.

You will soon see signs on every entrance to depots and buildings. These signs will ask safety questions of everyone before they enter. This is to help ensure that buildings remain free of the virus as long as possible.

I had a call asking if the director and manager of Parks were going around to depots to talk to people. I reached out to Ray and he confirmed that this was not happening. It went against safe social distancing protocol to have members in closed quarters. The director has been busy in meetings addressing the concerns and questions that I have forwarded to her.

Your concerns about cleaning products and their availability have been heard. HRM is receiving supplies now, even hand sanitizer. They are available to members by asking your supervisor. Supervisors may not give you a case of wipes but they will provide you with enough to clean your vehicle. Yes supplies are limited but they are available.

Social or physical distances (2m or 6’) will be required while at work. Everyone will have their own vehicle to use during their shift. Please wipe it down at the start and end of your shift so that you are comfortable to be in it. This will help slow the spread of the virus.

If you, or a direct family member, are experiencing increased worry or anxiety, you can reach out to Homewood Health’s Employee and Family Assistance Program. They are available 24/7, the access numbers are 902.466.3327 or 1.800.663.1142. Please use this resource so that you stay mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. These are unprecedented times, you need to look after yourself.

This situation is evolving and we will attempt to keep all of you up-to-date with changes as they happen. Please join our CUPE -108 Facebook page or look on our webpage ( for regular updates under the COVID19 tab. We are working as a team and we want everyone to feel safe.