Dr. Brendan Carr of the Nova Scotia Health Authority expresses sincere thanks to staff and physicians who have been working aggressively to stop the spread of the coronavirus, in particular the cleaners, porters, and support staff behind the front lines, and employees who work in finance, materials management, housekeeping and administration, many of whom have been putting in 12-hour and longer days.

  • There are 5 new cases of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia, bringing the total of confirmed cases to 73.
  • Two persons are being treated in hospital and two have recovered.
  • There have been about 3200 negative tests so far.
  • The possibility of community spread has not been ruled out. If community spread occurs, public health will aggressively follow up with enhanced testing within that community.
  • A Halifax Transit worker has tested positive for COVID-19. Appropriate steps have been taken to protect employees and the public and there is no indication that there is any risk to transit travelers.
  • Labs are working hard with expanded testing. If necessary, labs can stay open for testing 24 hours. Anyone referred by 811 will be tested.
  • There are 17 primary assessment sites across the province, and inpatient units at six sites for COVID-19 patients.
  • There are 2000 beds currently in the system at 70% occupancy. ICU occupancy rate is currently less than 50%.
  • The province can now test over 400 cases a day (a month ago this would have been 2 weeks of work).
  • The health care system is fundamentally changing the way it delivers services, moving to a virtual platform, including physicians doing consultations via Zoom.
  • The province will be taking steps to allow veterinarians to provide urgent and emergent care to animals.