Holding strong at Northwood Halifax

To all of our members in CUPE Nova Scotia,

Long-term care facilities in Nova Scotia currently have COVID-positive residents and staff in ten nursing homes across the province.

Northwood Halifax Campus, the largest long-term care facility east of Montreal, is dealing with an unprecedented virus, one that has taken hold of the facility, its vulnerable residents and its dedicated staff.

We know how hard the staff in Northwood are working to care for residents in a setting that strives to be like a home and not a hospital, and we recognize that this results in a different environment, practices and supplies when compared to the acute care sector.

Recently we have seen Northwood acknowledge that they were overwhelmed and reach out for help, as COVID had taken hold.

A call was sent out for volunteers to help, and CUPE members have answered that call. We continue to have more members every day stepping up to help. CUPE and other healthcare members are bringing issues forward in regards to health and safety and infection control. The unions have been advocating for stricter practices, procedures and supplies, and have been diligently working with a variety of sections within the health system to ensure concerns are being addressed. The NSHA, Northwood and other parts of the health system have done much work to address many of the concerns and continue to work with us to make improvements.

COVID has a treacherous impact on our senior population. Working together we will do our very best for our seniors while protecting our members.

Thank you to each and every one of you who are going to work every day. We know you are weary, many of you are grieving, many of you are worried. We are with you. #strongertogether

In solidarity and strength,

Nan McFadgen
President, CUPE NS