Calling all CUPE long-term care members! Invitation to participate in research study

Are you a CUPE member working in long-term care? You’re invited to participate in a research project entitled “The Work Culture of Nursing Homes in Nova Scotia: A Qualitative Study”. CUPE Nova Scotia’s Division Executive is encouraging our members to be interviewed for this exciting study that will help us advocate for our members.

About the Project

Oral history interviews will be conducted with current long-term care (LTC) workers who are confronting COVID-19 in nursing homes. The project hopes to interview CUPE members who are LPNs, CCAs, RNs, and others involved in front-line care.

This project is interested in the experiences of front-line health care providers in long term care. Through using interviews, media accounts, and documents, it will provide an analysis of the ways in which front-line workers shape the care of long-term care residents.

This project will explore the ways in which front-line workers in LTC settings have responded to COVID-19. It will document and explore the strategies they use on a daily basis to organize their work, how staff work together, and how different groups of workers — including LPNS and CCAs — work together. Through this project, the stories of care will be told from the perspective of front-line health care workers in LTC.

What You Will Do in this Study

Participation will mean a single interview of between 30-45 minutes (by online video or telephone), with periodic email contact to tell you about the progress of the study. The researcher will ask you to describe a ‘typical day’ at your work, the tasks you do, how you interact with your co-workers, and other details about your work. They will also ask you about your background.

Participation is entirely voluntary, and you may refuse to participate or withdraw from the study at any time. If you choose to withdraw within three months of your interview, your information will not be used in any way. If you choose to withdraw at a later date, there is the possibility that publications have already appeared and that the information you provided will have been used.


You can provide as much detail as you wish. When you mention other coworkers, these names will be deleted and replaced with initials, to protect the identities of other people. If you would like to receive a transcript or an electronic copy of the interview for review, one will be made available to you.

If you are especially concerned about the risks of having your interview linked to your name, you can opt to be interviewed confidentially. The recordings of the interviews, transcripts, and other materials will be securely held in password protected files that will only be accessible to the researcher. Consent forms will be stored separately and also securely.

Results of the project will be disseminated through the researcher’s research publications and scholarly presentations. When the project is complete, all participants will have access to Peter Twohig’s research publications and copies of scholarly presentations, if they wish to receive them.

To participate in the study or if you have questions, please contact:

Peter L. Twohig
Professor, History Department, Saint Mary’s University
Tel: (902) 420-5447

Thank you!