Webinar: A Worker-Centric Economic Recovery for Nova Scotia

Updated September 23, 2020

CUPE Nova Scotia hosted a webinar on September 15, to discuss an economic recovery plan that focuses on workers.

The pandemic has exposed long-standing inequalities that can no longer be ignored. Issues such as gender wage gaps, living wages, precarious employment, poverty and racism must be addressed in any plan our government puts forward for economic recovery.

Child care for all, raising the minimum wage, basic guaranteed income, affordable housing… what matters most to workers in Nova Scotia?

Watch the video of the CUPE NS webinar, “A Worker-Centric Economic Recovery for Nova Scotia”, now available on the CUPE NS YouTube Channel.

Panelists included:

  • Jason Edwards, Halifax Workers’ Action Centre
  • Christine Saulnier, director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Nova Scotia
  • Asaf Rashid, union organizer and human rights activist working with migrant workers

Moderator: Govind Rao, CUPE National Researcher

This is the second webinar presented by CUPE NS and the Division hopes to do more.  

Webinar Series

  1. Anti-Black Racism Within Our Union (July 8)
  2. A Worker-Centric Economic Recovery for Nova Scotia (Sept. 15)

Presented by CUPE Nova Scotia.

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