CUPE LPN member update: Hourly rate adjustment and retro pay

A message from Nan McFadgen, CUPE NS president; Louise Riley, CUPE NS Long Term Care Coordinating Committee chairperson; and Les Duff, CUPE Local 8920 acting president. 

CUPE is pleased that a decision has been made that establishes the hourly rate for all unionized LPNs in the province. The ruling on the proper hourly rate for LPNs, after the 12% is applied, is $30.27 (not $30.07 as previously stated by the Province). The hourly rate calculation was referred back to Arbitrator Lafferty.

As you know, the Province agreed to wage parity for all LPNs; however, the retroactivity only went back to June 11, 2020. On your behalf, CUPE representatives continue to work on the matter of achieving retroactivity paid to March 17, 2014, for all our LPN members.

CUPE has filed grievances in every facility where we represent LPNs, demanding full retroactivity to 2014. When any of those grievances are resolved, we will update CUPE members as soon as possible.

Please contact your employer directly about when the new hourly rate will take effect and when the retroactivity will be paid out. All other questions can be directed to your local executive.

In solidarity,

Nan McFadgen
CUPE NS President

Louise Riley
CUPE NS Long Term Care Coordinating Committee Chairperson

Les Duff
CUPE Local 8920 Acting President