CUPE members push for better working conditions and public health care during Continuing Care Month

“In celebration of Continuing Care Month, we would like to take this opportunity to recognize the incredible work and dedication of health care team members across Nova Scotia, including the 10,000 home support, acute care and long-term care workers represented by CUPE,” says Nan McFadgen, president of the Nova Scotia division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

“We acknowledge and thank all front-line health care workers,” adds Louise Riley, chairperson of CUPE’s Long-Term Care and Community Services Coordinating Committee, “and this week, we celebrate the compassion, strength, and dedication of continuing care assistants (CCAs), and all team members, without whom health care would not be possible.”

Nova Scotia’s health care system depends on the commitment and work of team members. Yet, we have a crisis in hiring and retaining staff in almost all classifications. “Our government needs to show respect for all employees in order to address this crisis,” says Riley. “We must strengthen public health care through higher staffing levels and sustainable workloads, better wages and benefits, and a healthier and safer workplace. We must also ensure higher standards and hours of care in long-term care facilities.”

“The government must stop its moves to health care privatization, the consequences of which were made horrifyingly apparent during the pandemic,” says McFadgen. “As CUPE members, we will continue to fight for better and expanded public services that meet the health care needs of the public and provide good jobs for all health care workers.”

“This week, CUPE pays tribute to all CCAs. We thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Together we will continue to campaign for quality public health care for all. Happy Continuing Care Month!” says McFadgen.