2022 Nova Scotia School Boards Council of Unions

Group photo of the ten-member bargaining team of the CUPE NS school board council of unions

Members of the NS education sector bargaining team (NSSBCU).

Front row: 

Robert MacKay, CUPE 3890 Chignecto-Central

Chris Melanson, CUPE 5047 Halifax

Aaron Pottier, CUPE 2272 CSAP

2nd row: 

Gerard Matthews, CUPE 955 Strait

Cindy Courtney, CUPE 3876 Annapolis Valley

Mary Jessome, CUPE national staff rep

3rd row: 

Dwayne Sarty, CUPE 4682 South Shore

Lisa Demolitor, CUPE 964 Tri-county

Back row: 

Nelson Scott, CUPE 5050 Cape Breton-Victoria

Tracey Pinder, CUPE Atlantic regional director


Membres de l’équipe de négociation du secteur de l’éducation de la N.-É. (NSSBCU).

1er rang : 

Robert MacKay, SCFP 3890 Chignecto-Central

Chris Melanson, SCFP 5047 Halifax

Aaron Pottier, SCFP 2272 CSAP

2ème rang : 

Gerard Matthews, SCFP 955 Strait

Cindy Courtney, SCFP 3876 Annapolis Valley

Mary Jessome, conseillère nationale au SCFP 

3ème rang : 

Dwayne Sarty, SCFP 4682 South Shore

Lisa Demolitor, SCFP 964 Tri-county

4ème rang : 

Nelson Scott, SCFP 5050 Cape Breton-Victoria

Tracey Pinder, directeur régional du SCFP-N.-É.