Premier, Health Minister and NS Health Authority exclude 10,000 health care workers’ voices

In a meeting this afternoon to discuss health care concerns, only two of the three major unions representing health care workers were invited to participate.

As Nova Scotians, we all care about the status of our health care. In 2021, Tim Houston rallied voters with the promise of fixing that health care. “Today, we learned that CUPE, and the 10 000 voices we represent in the health care continuum, unlike NSGEU and NSNU, were shut out of talks about this issue” said CUPE Nova Scotia President Nan McFadgen.

With privatization becoming a growing concern for all Canadians, all voices should be heard and have a seat at the table – particularly those that have different points of view.

These issues affect everyone, so the solution needs to include everyone too. Otherwise, the same solutions proposed by the same people will continue to dominate the discussion and lead us nowhere.


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Taylor Johnston

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Nan McFadgen

President, CUPE Nova Scotia