CUPE Nova Scotia celebrates Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, CUPE Nova Scotia and CUPE Atlantic Region will proudly fly this beautiful African Nova Scotian flag over the CUPE Atlantic Regional Office.

The flag was designed by Wendie Wilson, who is an African Nova Scotian artist, educator, author and community activist.

The flag includes the colours red for blood and sacrifice, gold for cultural richness, green for fertility and growth, and black for the people.

The design in the middle is an adaptation of an Andinkra symbol known as Sankofa, an ancient symbol from West Africa.

It is associated with a saying which can be translated as:

It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten”.

It symbolizes bringing past knowledge to the present.

In this version, there is a wave at the bottom, representing the ocean and ancestors’ journey through the “Middle Passage”.

The heart on the left with an embedded yin and yang symbol represents heartbreak balanced with awareness. Encompassing all is an incomplete circle, representing those things yet to come.

Pictured from left are:

Tracey Pinder, CUPE Atlantic Regional Director

Mark Hancock, CUPE National President

Dwayne Tattrie, Diversity Vice-President, CUPE Nova Scotia

Calvin Scott, CUPE Nova Scotia Human Rights Committee

Nan McFadgen, President, CUPE Nova Scotia