CUPE Nova Scotia Van Policy


  1. To fight back against anti-labour governments by having a stronger visible presence at community and political events such as Pride parades, festivals and Labour Day events.
  2. To raise the awareness of CUPE NS and promote and educate the public on the value of unions and labour within the province.


  1. CUPE NS is invested in raising the profile of the Division and unions in general.
  2. Access to a van branded with our union message will help the Division and our locals promote the value of unions and labour.
  3. CUPE NS and its locals will have a greater profile at rallies and protests.


  1. A copy of a valid drivers’ license for the assigned driver must be present each time the van is signed out and only the assigned driver will be permitted to drive the van.
  2. If the van is being used to transport 8 or more passengers, the driver must have a Class 4 license.
  3. The gas tank will be filled when picked up and must be filled upon return of the van.
  4. Any affiliated local is encouraged to use the van in their community for outreach e.g. participation in a parade etc.
  5. The van will be booked on a first come first served bases by completing the booking form and sending it to the designated executive member.
  6. The van will be in a clean condition upon picked up and must be returned in a clean condition.
  7. The local/person using the van will be responsible for pick up and returning the van to the location it was picked up from.
  8. All decorations applied to the van for the event must be removed before returning the van. No writing on the van is permitted even with washable markers as they will leave marks that cannot be removed.
  9. The van shall not be used for any personal use e.g. moving a child to university.


  1. CUPE NS will ensure that the van is appropriately insured and maintained.
  2. CUPE NS and its affiliated locals will provide pictures and information supporting their outreach activity when requested.

Approved by CUPE NS Executive
January 19, 2017

Download a copy of the Form to Request the CUPE NS Van.

Please complete this form and email it with a copy of the person driving the van driver’s license to:
Dianne Frittenburg
CUPE NS Vice-president