Living wages

“Imagine an Antigonish where fire departments have all the volunteers that they need, people move home from out west because they can get a good paying job here, families are reunited. People are able to take time to volunteer and help others within the community and continue the social action movements that Antigonish is known for.This would be ideal; however, this cannot happen without income security and appropriate social policies.”

“A living wage is one component of achieving this vision. For example, a living wage would allow people to seek out jobs in the area, stimulating the economy and strengthening social capital. People would be able to take time to volunteer as they would not need to work an extra job just to put food on the table. Antigonish would flourish, both on an individual and community level. The economy would be stimulated and grow and businesses would prosper. There could be a breakdown of stereotypes and judgements.”

An excerpt from the CCPA-NS report “Working for a Living, Not Living for Work – The Halifax and Antigonish Living Wages for 2016”. Read the full report at