Member Update: CUPE 8920 – Acute Care

A message from Bev Strachan, president of CUPE 8920

The Nova Scotia Health Authority and NSGEU have come to an agreement as a result of an outstanding LPN classification grievance in the former Capital District Health Authority (CDHA). Congratulations to NSGEU and their LPNs at the former CDHA on this achievement.

In 2014, the former CDHA NSGEU Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) filed a substantial change appeal. At that time, the NSGEU had language in their collective agreement that allowed for a review to take place as per the joint job evaluation process. CUPE did not have the same language or mechanism at that time.

In December 2017, the matter was heard by an arbitrator, and subsequently in a mediation arbitration on June 10 & 11, 2020.

The negotiated agreement, known as a consent award, was negotiated by NSHA and NSGEU, with a decision imposed by an arbitrator.

The outcome of the agreement has resulted in are classification for former CDHA NSGEU Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).

Effective June 11, 2020, the consent award will, in summary:

  • Provide an hourly increase of 12% to LPNs’ current rate
  • Be retroactive to March 2014
  • Impact approximately 385 NSGEU LPNs (former CDHA only)

CUPE, NSNU, Unifor, and other NSHA NSGEU LPNs will not receive this adjustment as it only applies to the former CDHA NSGEU LPNs that were part of the original grievance.

CUPE 8920 is committed to achieving wage parity and recognition of the LPNs we represent at NSHA where now there is inequity in a classification that has had wage parity for many years across the sectors. At this time, we are unable to estimate how long this will take or what the outcome will be.

The NSHA stated they expect to begin discussions with other unions to discuss impact for their members in NSHA.

In Solidarity,
Bev Strachan
President CUPE 8920