Delivering quality public services, accessible to all Nova Scotians

This Labour Day message will be distributed as a flyer in Saltwire newspapers across Nova Scotia on Saturday, September 4, including the Chronicle Herald and the Cape Breton Post.

Public services in Nova Scotia, and the workers who provide them, are not just essential – they are indispensable. The work that public sector workers do is critical to keep our economy going, and to our health and safety.

As Labour Day approaches, we are taking the time to reflect and to say thank you to CUPE members, our union friends, our allies in civil society, and to all frontline workers. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Since the pandemic began, we’ve developed an even deeper understanding of the value and importance of the services that CUPE members provide.

From our health care workers who keep our hospitals clean and care for our seniors; to the municipal workers who keep our taps running and our water and roads safe; to the transition home workers who helped people in their greatest time of need; and the bus drivers, secretaries and custodians who made schools a clean, safe environment – too many to mention.

We will continue to push for long term care facilities to be taken out of the hands of private corporations and placed under public control, with secure funding and a minimum 4.1 hours of direct care per resident per day enshrined in legislation.

CUPE Nova Scotia will continue to fight for good jobs, safer workplaces, paid sick days, access to personal protective equipment, as well as accessible child care and senior care. We will also be there to fight for affordable housing, a higher minimum wage, a stronger social safety net and income supports available to all Nova Scotians.

On behalf of our 19,000 CUPE members across the province, we wish you a safe and happy Labour Day.

Nan McFadgen
CUPE Nova Scotia President